Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Yarn Stash Gem

TSCArtyarns Zara Hand-Dyed

I mentioned before that I really don't like to have a large yarn stash, but I was the grand prize winner and an individual store winner of the Triangle Yarn Crawl, which made my stash grow considerably. I only made one purchase during the yarn crawl and that was for a gorgeous yarn that I had to buy even though I did not have a project in mind. I purchased this yarn only for the colors. I didn't know the fiber content or the yarn's weight. I didn't even pay attention to the brand.

I used mostly acrylic yarn that I purchased from chain craft stores before I did the yarn crawl. I have since broadened my horizons and fallen in love with wool and wool blends. One of the brands that I haven't purchased yet, but hope to get my hands on, is Artarns. I really like their line of shiny beaded and sequined yarn. But, that's for some time in the future.

I'm wrapping up several projects and decided to check out this anonymous yarn that I purchased during the yarn craw. It looked even more beautiful than I remembered and my brain lit up with design ideas. I pulled the label from the center of the ball and discovered it was TSCArtyarns Zara Hand-Dyed, which is a joining of Tahki Stay Charles and Artyarns. It turned out this whole time I had been window shopping Artyarns, I already had some in my stash.

I was slightly disappointed that I marked this yarn to make a gift for my mom. But, I enjoy working with fine yarns even if the product will be given away. I investigated the label and saw that it was “100% Extrafine Merino Wool”. I haven't knit with luxurious merino yet and it will be nice to compare some regular ol' merino that I have with this “extrafine.” I still don't know exactly what I will make with this yarn, but it has motivated me to finish up my projects.

I haven't posted for a while since I have been obsessively spinning yarn and doing very little knitting. I have been working on a post explaining how I do gauge swatches. I will also have some spinning posts coming up soon.

Have you been lucky enough to find gems in your yarn stash that you didn't realize were there?

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